BRATALIAN by Carla Pellegrino


The concept of Carla Pellegrino’s; it’s an Authentic Italian Neapolitan Cantina (Casual homemade Italian dining room) to create an atmosphere that draws people from all over the country to experience the best regional Italian cooking. Dining at Carla Pellegrino’s BRATALIAN Restaurant should be an experience that few other restaurants could match; from the minute customers cross our doors, he/she should be brought back in time to a wonderful ethnic community where friends and family come together to enjoy the basics of life, food, and family.

The Carla Pellegrino’s concept will be seeking a return of those lost bonds. People who come to visit our establishment will be reminded of their own history regardless of where they come from. They will remember the butcher and the baker down the block in their neighborhood; they will be reminded of their parents and grandparents, they will find as well the romantic Mediterranean Country Style that will remind them of Italian islands and remarkable landmarks luch as Amaufi Coast and Portofino. The constant presence of the Executive Chef Carla Pellegrino at the restaurant leading her kitchen brigade and greeting our guests, will establish comfort, coziness and friendship between patrons and staff.

The goal of BRATALIAN’s Restaurant it is more than a restaurant, it offers a time and a place that connects everyone to their roots, and it feels like home.


Gedeckter Frühstückstisch
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Chef Alessandra Madeira

Alessandra started to work as Garde Manger at Baldoria restaurant, owned by the same family that owns the legendary Rao’s restaurant and as she acquired more culinary skills she worked my way up to executive chef. She was constantly working with my former boss, executive chef and her sister Carla Pellegrino in culinary events and cooking shows such as Today’s show.

Chef Alessandra also had the privilege of performing as Sous chef working side by side with her sister, executive chef Carla Pellegrino for the Rao’s restaurant group in culinary events such as The James Beard House in 2007, 2008 and March 21st 2009; and others like Degustibus at Macy’s and cooking demos at William & Sonoma at Columbus Circle, NYC.